What to Expect with Kids Can Be Kids

Kids Can Be Kids provides an environment of stability and a feeling of home. I encourage daily routine, aid in self-help skills, pay individual attention to children throughout the day and nurture each child.


Daily Routine Includes
• Active and quite times.
• Indoor and Outdoor time.
• Sixty minutes of exercise daily.
• Group and individual activities.
• Rest and/or quiet times.
• Provider does not leave the home with children.
• Provider is not responsible for children to picked up or dropped off at his/her schools, this is the parent’s responsibility.
• Encourage children of all ages to use manners throughout the day (please, thank-you etc.).
• Playroom to be cleaned at the end of each day (clean up song).
• Encourage children to participate in storytelling, ABC’s and number learning.
• Music is playing in background throughout the day (I only use T.V. for special movie days).
• Children may bring a special blanket or stuffed bear for nap time only.

Self Esteem… I promote a sense of self-worth by:
• Using children’s names.
• Treating each child as an individual.
• Helping a child feel successful through activities, toys, etc.
• Allowing each child to feel independent by allowing them to choose their own activities and doing things for him/herself.
• Acknowledging the efforts and accomplishments of each child.

Emotional Needs… Are met by:
• Building daily routine that children can depend on.
• Accepting each child’s feelings.
• Helping each child to control anger or frustration in various ways that are non-destructive.
• Encourage children to give and receive affection.

Creative Needs… Are met by:
• Encouraging imaginative play.
• Encouraging storytelling.
• Encouraging expressions through drawing, and having crayons, paper, coloring booklets available and accessible at all times.
• Carry out creative activities through arts and crafts.

Toys and Equipment
• Toys are accessible to all children and are in good order.
• Sufficient and varied toys for all age groups such as cars, trucks, Barbie’s, puzzles, kitchen set with play food, work bench with tools, etc.
• Encourage children to put toys away when done playing with them.
• Encourage children to share and take turns with the toys.

Food and Nutrition
Kids Can Be Kids provides a healthy lunch and three snacks in their rates.
• Preschool children should have either breakfast or lunch before arrival at Kids Can Be Kids, snacks will be provided.
• Reminder that children must be free from all allergies. Home may contain contents of nuts etc.
• Suitable quantities for each individual child.
• Encourage children to try different foods.
• Encourage children to eat their portions.
• Encourage children to drink water throughout the day.

Health… Accident or Illness
• Provider will notify parents in all emergencies.
• Provider will obtain medical assistance in cases of medical emergencies. Parents are to cover the costs of ambulance fees if required.
• Parents will let the provider know when their child(ren) is sick and unable to attend Kids Can Be Kids.
• Children are to be kept home when sick, this prevents the germ from being passed around. SEE Sick Child Policy Form.
PLEASE, keep sick children at home. Thank you.

Social Needs… Are met by:
• Giving opportunity for children to play with other children both older and younger than him/herself.
• Helping each child develop awareness/acceptance of the needs of other children.
• Teaching children to co-operate, share and prevent conflicts.

Physical Needs… Are met by:
• Naps/quiet or rest times on a regular basis.
• Providing play opportunities that develop large muscle skills (running, jumping, climbing, skipping, etc.).
• Providing play opportunities that develop small muscle skills (colouring, sorting, finger games, puzzles, etc.).

Safety Needs… Are met by:
• Home is safe, clean, well lit, and smoke free.
• All surfaces and furniture are in good repair and free from hazards.
• Plug-ins are all up to safety code and are tamper resistant.
• Cleaning supplies are out of reach of children at all times.
Kids Can Be Kids is a pet friendly day home, however the dogs are never around the children for everyone’s safety.
• Parents will notify me in advance if they are having a friend, grandparent, etc. pick up their children. Please provide their name to us as it needs to be on our information sheet in order for your child(ren) to go with any of these people. If their name is not on our list, your child(ren) will not be released.

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