Frequently Asked Questions

Are you registered with the government?

Kids Can Be Kids Premium Day Home is not registered with the government however, we meet all the licencing requirements for childcare.

What are your hours of operation?

Kids Can Be Kids hours are flexible to accommodate the busy schedules of parents. However, my standard times are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Where are you located?

Kids Can Be Kids is located in Strathcona Park SW Calgary. For privacy reasons and the safety of the children, I do not reveal my precise street address until a parent/guardian makes an appointment.

Can parents bring home cooked meals for their children?

Parents are welcome to bring their own home-cooked meals. However, I suggest against it, because it’s important for the children to enjoy the same meal together. In addition, some children in our home have allergies and we would like everyone’s experience to be safe and healthy.

Are you closed on all federal/provincial holidays?

Yes, I am closed on all statutory holidays to enjoy time with my loved ones as well.

What are your day home rates and why don’t you advertise them?

My rates are not advertised as I work with each family independently and try to give them the most reasonable rate that accommodates their needs as a family.

How many children will there be in your home?

Kids Can Be Kids takes the maximum number of children allowed in my home at one time. The standard ratio is 1: 6.

Do you take the children outside?

Yes, the children love to play in the large backyard.  We try to be outside for at least an hour a day or more if the weather allows us.

Do you have more questions?

While we have endeavoured to answer as many questions as we could here, we realize you may have more. Please contact us directly with any new questions, concerns or to schedule your interview.